Vine Vera Reviews

Natural products and no animal testing. Check and Check!

I went to the Vine Vera Toronto Store after a lot of persuasion from my BFF. I was quite happy with my existing skin routine and I don’t usually wish to change a lot of skin care products. However, I am also open to trying out new things and seeing how different she looked, I finally  gave in to her constant nagging.

Vine Vera Chianti Collection

I was someone who didn’t pay a lot of attention to sunscreens during the early years of my life and as a result I constantly complained of aging problems. My hectic work hours and heavy make-up use also meant tired looking skin and I was really hoping to find something useful. Two things impressed me the most. Firstly, Vine Vera products only use natural ingredients in their formulations. Another thing that impressed me a lot was that the company doesn’t believe in animal testing. I am completely against animal testing and I hate it when companies do that.

I became more open to trying out their products. I didn’t try out the free sample that the person offered at the door because I was looking for something specific for my skin. Upon listening to my particular problem, their in-house expert suggested that I try out their Merlot Collection. I told him that I wasn’t open to purchasing an entire collection, particularly when it was so expensive, just to “try it out”. And guess what he said? He’s like no worries. You can enjoy a free facial from our end using the Merlot Collection and other complimentary Vine Vera products.

I readily agreed. The Merlot Collection actually consists of four products – the peel, a day cream, a night cream and a serum. A complete skin care routine, if you ask me. The technician used their cleanser to cleanse my skin and then used products from the collection to show me how they worked. They even used a hydrating mask from another collection. Best part, they asked me what music I liked and played that. Aah, bliss.

Vine Vera Merlot Collection

So after 30 minutes of one of the most soothing facials, I decided to finally purchase the entire collection including their cleansing kit. It’s been a month since iv been using the products and I am happy to say that my skin looks younger and brighter. Better yet, these products help me to maintain the moisture content on my skin and have gone a long way in reducing my fine lines as well.

No, the wrinkles haven’t completely disappeared, but they are much smoother than before. Iv managed to use lesser make-up and still go out and enjoy myself. Hopefully, one day I will be able to roam about make-up free on the streets of Toronto.