• Unearthing The Little Known Intriguing Secrets Of Toronto

    View Of Bellwoods Park

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    Locals as well as tourists are always mesmerized by the scintillating beauty of Toronto. The culinary scene here, along with a dazzling array of options to get entertained always entrance the visitors. However, apart from the things that are clearly visible, Toronto has a number of secrets as well. Here are some of the secrets of Toronto that are bound to catch one’s attention.

    Cemetery Beneath Yorkville

    The beauty of Yorkville is undisputed; the kind of structures that stand there are a treat to watch. However, little do people know that beneath this posh and attractive locality is a cemetery. It may sound incredible, but the fact is that Yorkville was built just on top of a cemetery, which was known by the name ‘Potter’s Field.’

    Yorkville- A Popular Hippie Hangout

    People should brace themselves for yet another stunning revelation that is almost unbelievable.                The fact is that the area of Yorkville that has carve a niche for itself for being the fashion area of Toronto and is basically the epicentre of accessories and modern clothes, was once a popular hangout place of hippies. So much so that the place used to be called “The Canadian capital of the hippie movement.’ The completely transformed appearance of the place makes this fact hard to digest for majority of people though.

    Tropical Garden Right In The Downtown

    Modern life has taken a toll on people since they are always seen running after the deadlines; however, very few of the locals actually know that they could refresh themselves right in the Downtown by heading towards the Richmond Street towards the South, where they are going to be greeted with a beautiful green space called the Cloud Gardens Conservatory, which resembles a tropical rainforest. So, one could always spare some time to hit the garden in order to get back some energy from the surroundings here.

    Bridge Under Trinity Bellwoods Park

    Very few people could imagine that they are actually treading upon the rubble that lies buried beneath the astonishing expanse of Trinity Bellwoods Park. But, this is a fact that the garden got built over Garrison Creek in 1914, and when it became difficult to discard the rubble, the area was simply flattened in order to build this beautiful park.

    Asylum At Lakeshore Campus Of Humber College

    This revelation is a real shocker for people now, as they would bite their fingers in disbelief upon discovering that the area that is crowded with sensible and pragmatic students, preparing for a great life ahead, used to be an asylum earlier. There are a number of buildings in the campus, including the tunnel system that used to be called ‘Mimico Branch Asylum’, which was then called ‘Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.’

    Toronto Island Was Never An Island

    While most of the people believe that they have been living on an island, Toronto Island was never an island until 1858, when a fiery storm got it separated from the mainland and converted it into an island. And, over the years, the island has got further drifted apart, and now the area of the island from the nearest land has further increased.

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