• Toronto’s Greatest Hikes To Explore During Summers

    View Of Beautiful Garden At High Park

    Toronto is a bustling metropolis that attracts a great number of tourists each year. The place has a lot to offer to the tourists, but there is a point of time when even tourists want to experience something different. Locals too love to have a change in their daily routine. Thankfully, there are a number of hikes in Toronto that offer great rejuvenating experience to tourists and locals. These trails are great to explore, especially during summers as they are completely packed with trees offering amazing shaded paths to visitors. So, here are the greatest hikes to explore in Toronto.

    Centre Island

    A ferry ride to the island is rejuvenating in itself as one gets a chance to breathe in some fresh air. One could hike on the trails here that lead one to various parts of the island. So, one could explore various parts of the island at their own, and get closer to nature. Also, visitors could get involved in a number of external activities including kayaking, biking, etc. So, visiting the island is a great way of escaping the hectic city life.

    High Park

    High Park enjoys the distinction of being the largest public park in Toronto. So, the authorities are doing their bit to make sure that the park stands up to its reputation and stature. So, the hiking trails are well-maintained here. Besides, there are a number of cherry trees as well that not only spread their fragrance but also offer great shaded paths. All this makes this place an amazing spot to visit. One could enjoy picnicking here along with their family members. Besides, there are a number of soccer fields, and a zoo as well that one could explore.

    Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

    Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is not a hike literally, but it is a great place to visit. The place offers great tranquil atmosphere to the visitors, and the best part is that it is located right in the heart of the city. One gets a chance to see some rare trees, statues, and botanical gardens here.

    Milkman’s Lane

    Milkman’s Lane is frequently used by people, as the path connects Rosedale and Don Valley. The trail is 130 year old, and is an unassuming trail, since it is hidden amidst trees. A meagre walk down the trail lifts the spirits of a person.

    Sun Valley

    Sun Valley trail takes one completely away from the urban environment. One crosses over a number of bridges, and walks through dense forests while walking through the trails here. All this has a hypnotizing effect on the hikers.

    Cedar Trail

    Cedar Trail offers people a chance to discover small creeks, meadows, and wetlands. The forests make sure that tourists walk through the shaded paths, and are escaped from the scorching radiations of the sun. There are some steep paths as well that offer challenging experience to visitors.

    Scarborough Bluffs

    Scarborough Bluffs is not among the difficult hikes, but it is certainly among the most beautiful hikes. One gets stunning views of Lake Ontario from here. Tourists love visiting the vintage point in order to get sweeping views of the surroundings.

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