• Top Five Parks In Toronto Offering A Chance To Get Best Nature Walk

    View Of A Park Full Of People

    Toronto is a great city that has a number of beautiful parks that offer thoroughly invigorating experience to tourists. One could always go for a nature walk in any of these amazing gardens. Here are top five parks in Toronto that allow tourists to explore the dense forests, or witness the stunning vistas of the ocean.

    Snake Island Park

    Snake Island Park is located right at the center of Toronto Islands, and has a great variety of beaches as well as forests. Moreover, the park offers great chance to tourists to get sweeping views of Toronto’s skyline, as it is directly opposite the Toronto harbour. The whole environment is so mesmerizing and tranquil that tourists are invariably overpowered by the beauty of nature.

    Colonel Danforth Park

    Colonel Danforth Park is another great spot that offer a great chance to connect with nature. There are nine beautiful trails that take one through the lush landscape, and give them a chance to witness the pristine beauty of the park. There is an amazing variety of wildlife here. Overall, the park offers a great chance to visitors to get into the contemplative mode. Nature lovers simply cannot resist the idea of visiting this incredible spot.

    South Humber Park

    South Humber Park is located next to Humber River, making it an idealistic spot to visit for nature lovers. Cool breeze from the river greets the visitors as soon as they enter into the park. The whole atmosphere is so relaxing and soothing here that tourists fall into a trance after spending some time here. There is something in the air that is so comforting for the tourists. They feel that they are instantly connected with the nature. The best part is that there is a dazzling array of trails here that take one through the marshy forests, thereby enabling tourist to explore the spot. Moreover, one also gets to see a number of birds here who could be heard chirping in the secluded woods. Furthermore, if tourists continue traversing through the trail they are ultimately taken to a suspension bridge that offers stunning views of the city. So, the park offers great respite from the frenzied life of the city.

    Edwards Gardens

    Edwards Gardens has a great variety of flora and fauna that are a treat to watch. There is a dazzling array of attractive animals including bunnies that are too adorable to resist. One could also locate a hedgehog as well amidst the aromatic flowers. Not only this, the trails here lead one through great varieties of floral displays and formal gardens. There are plenty of fountains as well that mesmerize the tourists. So, overall this spot is a perfect place to connect with nature.

    Tommy Thompson Park

    Tommy Thompson Park abounds in trees, marshlands, and wildflowers, and quite ironically it is located on manmade peninsula. It is a secluded park that offers spectacular views of the city. However, visitors rarely focus on the views as they are completely spellbound by the hypnotic charm of the place. The place has a huge number of birds as well.

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