• Natural Wonders In Toronto That Are Worth Exploring

    View Of Decew Falls

    Toronto has always been among the great tourist destinations. One get to see a great multicultural environment here as people from various backgrounds and nationalities try to present the best of their cultures to the tourists. However, besides the man made attractions and things, there is a whole great variety of natural sites in Toronto that offer great respite from the frenzied life that people are leading in the concrete jungles. So, here is a list of some of the great natural wonders in Toronto that are worth exploring.

    Scarborough Bluffs

    Scarborough Bluffs are located along the shores of Lake Ontario. They got formed as the sedimentary deposits got accumulated. The process was slow and long as it continued for as long as 12000 years. The result is this great natural wonder in Toronto.

    Tews Falls

    Tews Falls is another great natural wonder in Toronto which is worth exploring, especially during the winter or late spring, when one gets a chance to do some ice climbing. Moreover, Tews Falls have the distinction of being Hamilton’s tallest waterfall, with its height being 41 metre.

    Cheltenham Badlands

    Cheltenham Badlands are formed by slow and continuous natural process. There are all sorts of gullies and rolling hills that consist of soft rock. Moreover, there is no soil cover or plant life here. So, visit to the place offers a unique experience to visitors.

    Elora Gorge And Quarry

    Elora Gorge is another great natural wonder where one could witness the sight of Grand River rushing vociferously through Elora Gorge. Moreover, one could also go towards the top in order to see this spectacle from the height of 22 metre. Tourists also love to rent a kayak in order to further explore the place and sail in the tranquil waters of the place.

    Long Point Beach

    Long Point Beach is one of those pristine beaches in the vicinity of Toronto that completely overpowers the visitors. It is a warmer beach that offers great variety of outdoor activities to visitors including fishing and boating.

    Decew Falls

    Decew Falls are basically divided into two types. One is the Upper Decew Falls where water plunges from a height of 22 metre. And then, there is the Lower Decew Falls, which has that beautiful cascade waterfall flowing from the height of 8 metre. Besides, there is a manmade waterfall as well which is called Tunnel Falls. All in all, it is a great location to visit for nature lovers, especially the ones who love to appreciate and witness the awestruck beauty of waterfalls.

    Rattlesnake Point

    Rattlesnake Point is among the most popular spots for hikers and rock climbers. The place is characterized by vast areas of protected nature, secret caves, colourful and rich canopy of trees, glacial deposits, and some of the most breathtaking cliffs. Moreover, one could also see the rare and unique Hackberry Tree here.

    Crawford Lake Conservation Area

    Crawford Lake Conservation Area offers ultimate relaxation and peace of mind to the visitors. The place is famous for the Crawford Lake which has the peculiar quality of being a meromictic lake.

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