• Hikes In Toronto Offering Unimaginable Experience

    View Of Scarborough Bluffs

    Toronto is a great spot for tourists as well as locals, since it offers unimaginable number of opportunities to people to enjoy themselves in the best possible manner. The eclectic mix of various cultures provides a great advantage to the tourists, as they get to see a greater variety of things at the same spot. Besides, there is no scarcity of stunning locations in Toronto that provide awesome opportunities to get closer to nature and lead a healthy and youthful life. People in Toronto consider themselves blessed as they could live the frenzied pace of life when they want, and switch to a laid-back life in an instant by hitting certain rejuvenating spots in Toronto. So, here are some of the topmost hikes in Toronto that offer incredible hiking experience.

    Scarborough Bluffs

    Scarborough Bluffs are majestic cliffs right in the vicinity of Toronto. One gets incredible views of Lake Ontario from the top of the mountain. Besides, the experience of traversing through the refreshing trails is simply spectacular. One comes across some peculiar creatures that are native to Toronto. Besides, the cool breeze and some shaded paths have overpowering effect on the visitors.

    High Park

    Visit to Toronto is certainly incomplete without paying a visit to High Park. In fact, the trail leading to the top is among must-to-hike trail. There are plenty of reasons that attract people to this magnificent park, and the prominent reason is that they are greeted by stunning picturesque views of the surroundings while treading the paths. Moreover, the trail leading to Grenadier Pond makes one feel that they are completely cut off from the surroundings, and that they are amidst the nature only. So this experience casts a spell on the tourists, who are invariably awestruck by the beauty of the place.

    Evergreen Brickworks And Moore Park Ravine

    Again, the gardens in both these parks offer a completely unique hiking experience to tourists. They are transported to a completely different natural world, which is starkly different from the busy life of the people in the city. Moreover, though the hike to Brickworks is a bit challenging, still, the extreme rewards that one gets by reaching the top make the hike worth exploring.

    Humber River Old Mill And Marshes

    Humber River Old Mill and Marshes provide people a chance to get a peep into the rich industrial history of Toronto. In fact, it was this area that provided the wood to build some of the oldest standing structures in Toronto. So, it is always worth exploring this spot. Moreover, besides some stunning stone bridges here, there are modern bridges exhibiting the latest architectural features. These modern bridges are beautiful covered with unique graffiti. So, one gets a chance to experience the spectacular juxtaposition of natural and urban scenery here.

    Beltline Trail And Cedarvale Ravine

    The best part about this hike is that it is very easy. This is the reason why locals come here quite often. They are rewarded with lush green spaces and some greatest neighbourhoods. Besides, there are some gigantic trees here offering great shady paths for the visitors.

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