• Greatest Trails In Toronto That Are A Must To Hike

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    Toronto has always presented an eclectic mix of cultures to people. Besides, there is a dazzling array of options available with people to spend their time in most engaging manner. And, though the city is well-developed and has all the modern amenities to offer to the people, still, there are some unimaginable hikes in Toronto that offer otherworldly experience. These spectacular trails offer people a number of things including sweeping vistas, hidden waterfalls, and memorable experience. Here are some of the epic hikes in Toronto that must never be missed.

    Rattlesnake Point

    Rattlesnake Point has a number of trails that lead one to the top of Niagara Escarpment. One gets breathtaking views of Toronto from here, including stunning views of Lake Ontario. The trail is 12 kilometres in length, out of which the 7.2 km long trail that takes one to the Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a really challenging hike. People often visit the place to have some fun on weekends and get some break from the monotonous way of life that they have been leading.

    Dundas Peak

    The trails in Dundas Peak are cherished by locals as well as the tourists, since they get a chance to explore some of the stunning waterfalls in Hamilton. The two most popular falls include Tews Falls and Webster. Moreover, one is also greeted with awe-inspiring vistas of gorge below.

    Bruce Trail

    Bruce Trail extends along Niagara Escarpment and extends 800 km. The trail could be reached via Milton, which is located near Kelso Conservation Area. The place is ideal for communing with nature and contemplating upon one’s actions in his life, and one is sure to get that calm that they have always craved for. Moreover, there are a number of natural landscapes here including lush forests, rocky gorges, and sublime views of the lake.

    Ganaraska Trail

    Ganaraska Trail is another great trail whose total length is around 400km. One starts from Port Hope and then moves to the unmistakable Bruce Trail situated near Glen Huron. However, caution must be exercised by people while hiking this trail since the difficulty level of the terrain is high. Hence, only expert hikers with plenty of experience should try to hike this trail. These hikers not only get a good workout by hiking the trail; but also get to experience some of the sweeping views of the downtown from here.

    Elora Gorge

    Elora Gorge is another great spot to visit along with one’s family members. The trail is 10 km in length but has all the elements that make it a superb choice. It has plenty of waterfalls that offer visual delight to the visitors. Besides, one gets some exhilarating views of gorges as well. Tourists particularly like to know more about their favourite Grand River. So, one could plan to spend their entire day at this place. The experience of eating lunch by the river and taking a bath in the river are truly unparalleled experience.

    So, these were five incredible trails that offer unlimited energy to the visitors.

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