• Exploring Tourists’ Most Popular Shopping Spots In Toronto

    Women Are Posing Shoppingshopping

    Toronto has always been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. They are amazed to see vibrant culture of Toronto. Moreover, there is an eclectic mix of various cultures here, which give plenty of options to tourists to choose from. For instance, there is a great variety of restaurants offering great food. Similarly, there is a dazzling array of shops here providing a great range of products to tourists. So, some of the attractive shopping spots in Toronto that tourists simply love to explore are included here.

    The Distillery District

    The Distillery District is Toronto’s historic area, which has a number of restaurants and shops amidst amazingly attractive Victorian Industrial buildings. A number of local festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and show. There are a number of specialty shops as well here. Besides, there is a great range of art galleries to explore as well.

    Kensington Market

    Kensington Market is one of those amazing spots that offer a great variety of things to visitors. Tourists are invariably amazed to find a fresh fish here, along with a great Mexican churro. So, the list of things that one could get here is endless. Moreover, there are a great number of outdoor markets as well here. There is a great effect of Jewish culture too here. Now, it is home to creative and talented artists, and hippies. The best part is that the area is restricted to pedestrians only, which makes it good to explore the spot.

    Queen Street West

    Queen Street West is a great spot to visit for children as well as adults as well, as there is a large variety of products that cater to their needs. One is able to locate exotic jewellery here, besides finding some unique clothes. There are countless galleries, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and a great range of shops. One could find great funky dresses at Fashion Crimes. And then, there is the Magic Pony that provides a great range of vinyl toys, and jewellery. There is also Drake as well as Gladstone Hotels here that have various exhibitions from time to time. So, it is a great spot to explore as well for tourists looking to amass some unforgettable memories.


    Leslieville has come to be characterized by a great range of specialty shops. Further, there is an artisan market as well that is open throughout the year. One is able to locate exceptionally prepared handmade jewellery, art, and accessories here. Some of the spots where tourists could rejuvenate themselves are Le Matin Bakery, Tango Palace, and Bobette and Belle, to name a few.

    The Beaches

    The Beaches is an unmistakable spot towards city’s eastern end. It is a great area to visit for yuppies and families. For instance, there is the Queen Street East, which is hot favourite for bakeries and tiny shops. Summers are special time here since the atmosphere is completely vibrant as Jass festival is held with great enthusiasm. The whole atmosphere is electrifying as there are a number of fireworks in the area as well. Overall, it is a great spot to explore for tourists visiting Toronto.

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