• Exploring Toronto’s Top Class Museum That Offer Elevating Experience

    View Of A Dinosaur

    Toronto is a great tourist destination. People like to visit the city since it is equipped with all sorts of modern facilities for the visitors. Moreover, apart from the well-developed hospitality industry, there are other natural sites to visit that provide one a chance to commune with nature. Moreover, manmade attractions are equally enthralling and appealing. The same is the case with museums in Toronto. There are a dazzling array of museum in Toronto based on various concepts and themes. Tourists are invariably attracted to these museums. Some of these museums are listed here.

    The ROM

    The Royal Ontario Museum is quite popular among the people. There is a wide range of artefacts here. Moreover, there is the ‘Friday Night Live’ event which enables tourists to have some fun inside the museum. This is done to ensure that the stay to the museum is not at all dull and drab, and that the tourists learn about various things, while having some time for relaxation as well. The best part about the museum is its location, since it is centrally located in the city. There are a lot of temporary exhibitions as well, besides some breathtaking permanent galleries, which offer invaluable knowledge to the visitors in an appealing and entertaining manner.

    The AGO

    The AGO has all sorts of world-class permanent collections which are a delight to watch. Moreover, the rotating roaster also includes some other temporary blockbuster exhibitions. The museum is well-maintained by the authorities.

    The Hockey Hall Of Fame

    Again, this museum is centrally located as well. Moreover, it has all the artefacts and objects that satiate the desire of hockey lovers who are always looking for more information about the rich history of this sport. There are ice images of famous hockey players here.

    Aga Khan Museum

    Aga Khan Museum is one of its kinds that focus exclusively upon the Muslim civilizations. It presents both contemporary and historical perspective of the Muslim civilization via great pieces of art here. Tourists are always amazed to see the public park here. Moreover, there is a restaurant called ‘Diwan’ as well that serves tempting food to the visitors.

    Bata Shoe Museum

    Bata Shoe Museum gives one a chance to witness the development of footwear over the centuries. One could locate the shape of the shoes that were worn during Ancient Greece period. Moreover, people could also see the shoes that are worn in the contemporary era as well.

    The Gardiner Museum

    The Gardiner Museum is national ceramics museum of Canada. It displays both special exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions. Children always love to visit this museum since there are workshops and drop-in clay special classes that are organised for them.

    The Design Exchange

    The Design Exchange reveals how design can have staggering effect on a thing. There is a dazzling array of designs here that explore great history of industrial designs in Canada.

    The Textile Museum Of Canada

    Textile Museum of Canada gives tourists a chance to see the type of clothes that were worn 2000 years ago in Canada. So, it is a great place to discover how textile industry has revolutionized in all these years.

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