• Exploring The Top Class Museums In Toronto

    View Of Gardiner Museum

    Toronto has a number of appealing spots. Visitors are entranced by the natural beauty of the place, and that is the reason they love to go on hiking and biking in the vicinity of Toronto. The city itself provides a number of opportunities including shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, natural lakes, gardens, and other historical and iconic sites. Along with this, there is a dazzling array of museums in Toronto that offer great insight into the Canadian and World History. There are a number of artefacts, sculptures, photographs, etc. here that catch the attraction of the visitors and broaden their horizons. So, here are some of the top class museums in Toronto.

    Canadian Air And Space Museum

    Canada has managed to earn a niche for itself when it comes to the aviation industry. So, the museum aptly pays tributes to this amazing feat by displaying a wide range of artefacts related to aviation industry. This is the reason why Canadian Air and Space Museum is quite popular among the aviation buffs.

    CBC Museum

    CBC Museum shows everything pertaining to the evolution of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The best part is that the exhibits are interactive and thus offer a great chance to learn the things in a novel and innovative manner. This is the reason, in fact, that the place is popular among the children as well as adults.

    Art Gallery Of Ontario

    Art Gallery of Ontario is famous for displaying artworks pertaining to rich Canadian and European art. There are some stunning sculptural artwork pieces here. Moreover, famous artists’ artworks adorn the museum including Goya, Degas, Picasso, and Monet. So, one could definitely get enthralled and elevated by seeing such amazing artwork.

    Bata Shoe Museum

    Bata Shoe Museum strives hard to lay bare the intriguing history of the evolution of shoes. People get a chance to see footwear worn by famous people including Queen Victoria, Elvis, and Elton John, to name a few. Moreover, it also shows how technological advancements have led to the drastic changes in the style of shoes. So, it offers a unique experience to the tourists.

    Gardiner Museum

    Gardiner Museum is a place that is liked by ceramic art lovers. There are whopping 2900 pieces of spectacular porcelain and ceramic art that dates back to the ancient times. People are invariably stunned by the unique and distinctive delicacy and beauty of this fabulous art form.

    Hockey Hall Of Frame

    Canada has earned a great distinction in Ice Hockey, and this is attributed to the extreme weather conditions that prevail in Canada. The sport has been quite popular in the country since 1875 and Hockey Hall of Fame consists of a large number of exhibits that are solely dedicated to this sport. The museum is frequently visited by children as well as hockey fans, and the museum never fails to stand up to their expectations.

    Ontario Science Center

    Ontario Science Center is a great place for learning. There is a dazzling array of interactive exhibits here that are related to a number of fields including communications, geology, nature, astronomy, technology, music, and even anatomy. Kids particularly like this spot as they love to visit the exhibits including the famed Harry Potter memorabilia.

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