• Discovering The Pulsating Vibes Of Sunnybrook Park Toronto

    View Of A Park

    Toronto is a great tourist destination. The atmosphere of the place is always vibrant. The best part is that the place witnesses conglomeration of unique cultures here. In fact, Toronto is the most cosmopolitan city in the whole world. So, the unique blend of various cultures invariably leaves a mark on the culinary scene of the city. Not only this, one sees a variety of options when they go shopping as well. The bars and restaurants in Toronto are a treat to visit as well. However, what intrigues the locals and the tourists the most is the river valleys and parks in Toronto that offer ultimate relaxing atmosphere to the visitors. Tourists are taken to the other world after entering these beautiful spots. These spots are so soothing and mesmerizing. Here is one such great park called the Sunnybrook Park in Toronto.

    Sunnybrook Park

    Sunnybrook Park is located in midtown Toronto. It also goes by the name of Serena Gundy Park. One gets to see the real essence of Toronto by visiting this spot. This park shows one the rich multicultural environment of Toronto. There is a huge rush of people on weekends here, since they are tempted by the pristine beauty of the park.

    Popular Spot For Families

    The place attracts a number of families actually, who are out there to enjoy their day here. The wisps of smoke could be easily seen in the afternoon as visitors try to prepare some dishes to eat. The whole atmosphere is so lively by then. The smell of chicken wafts through the air and tempts other people.

    Great Spot For Children

    Children love this spot since they are able to splash in the waters and creeks or dash in the open meadows. Older people love to visit Sunnybrook Park as well since they get to rest under thick shades of maple trees here.

    Playing And Having Fun Together

    The families are seen playing together with each other in the park. They are seen playing games of soccer.


    All this is accompanied with music as people play their favourite numbers. One could hear a great variety of music, like the one from Punjab, or even the Philippines. Canadian music could also be heard, including the mesmerizing numbers of Bachman Turner Overdrive, Blue Rodeo, or Neil Young.

    Reaching Sunnybrook Park

    One could get to the beautiful river valley easily by taking the bus from Eglinton Station, which is situated on Yonge Street Subway, right at the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Leslie Street. The bus takes one to the greatest spot that one would have ever seen in their life.

    Moreover, the place could also be visited on the bike. One needs to take Don River Bike Path in this case that takes one to Sunnybrook Park. One could even go up to the beautiful Edwards Gardens as well.

    Toronto Islands- Another Great Spot

    There is no dearth of river valleys and parks in Toronto, and one could go to other places as well, including the Toronto Islands. The place is accessible via ferries, and offers tourists unforgettable experience.

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