• Destinations In Toronto That Take One Closer To Nature

    View Of Nature

    Tourists are invariably stunned by the natural beauty of Toronto, as they find some really inspiring and motivating places here. Besides the glittering city and array of nightclubs and restaurants in Toronto, there is an equally great number of destinations that give one a chance to get closer to nature.

    Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

    Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is just an hour drive from the city. It is located on the mesmerizing Bruce Trail. The place offers countless stunning views of the surroundings that are sure to elevate a person.

    Murphys Pinnacle

    The trail leading to Murphys Pinnacle can be arduous for some; however, it is really worth traversing the path as one is greeted with amazing views of the landscape surrounding the park. It is located in serene Boyne Valley Provincial Park, and is a representation of last traces of glaciation.

    Elora Gorge Park

    Elora Gorge Park is located in stunningly beautiful Grand River Valley. The cliffs here are as high as 22 metre. And, the experience of hiking the riverside trails and watching the Grand River rushing past these gigantic cliffs is simply surreal. The best part is that there are safety barriers all along the Riverside trails. Tourists could also explore the option of kayaking.

    Webster Falls

    Webster Falls is one of the most surreal geological formations in Ontario. The place offers unlimited opportunities to nature lovers to commune with nature.

    Bluffers Park

    Bluffers Park is located in Scarborough Bluffs, and is known for the pristine sandy beaches, widespread greenery, and rejuvenating trails. It is a great spot to visit on sunny days, as the cool breeze offers welcome respite to the visitors. There is a calming influence over the visitors as soon as they enter into the park.

    Belfountain Provincial Park

    Belfountain Provincial Park is located in quiet Belfountain Village, and is just an hour away from Toronto. The place is perfect for nature lovers as there are plenty of activities to do here including fishing, hiking, etc. Besides, there are a number of features of the park including flower gardens, a waterfall, and a suspension bridge, to name a few. Besides, yoga classes are also organised in the park. So, it is a perfect place to visit for getting back that energy and zeal to do various things in life.

    Rattlesnake Point

    Rattlesnake Point offers great hiking experience to tourists, as they are greeted with panoramic views of surrounding escarpment. There are other sites in the vicinity of Rattlesnake Point which are perfectly suitable for rock climbers.

    Sleeping Giant Thunder Bay

    Sleeping Giant Thunder Bay is a bit far from Toronto; still, the distance is worth covering as one is transported to a completely different world. Besides, the stunning views of Lake Superior, one gets a chance to get closer to the nature by exploring the boreal forests, where one could see an array of animals including wolf, moose, lynx, fox, etc.

    Kariya Park

    Kariya Park is a tranquil place located right at the core of the city. It has that unmistakable Japanese Garden at its centre. Besides, the natural beauty of the place is simply surreal.

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