About Canada

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is an amazing nation that has its distinct identity and unique culture. The US never did manage to take Canada and the country grew into one of the most amazing nations on the planet. Canada might seem to be extremely cold and distant, but it is considered to be the friendlier version of its next door neighbor, the United States of America. The locals are what make up the country’s character. They are extremely friendly and polite and they would be quick to point out the countless things that make them so proud of being a Canadian.


Canada offers you with the change to delight between snow clad mountains, mist cloaked seascapes, world class cities, breathtaking natural beauty and unique northern roadways. It is one of the best countries to experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) phenomenon and it also offers you with more festivals than the number of moose that you’re likely to encounter in a lifetime.

The beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches, the majestic Rocky Mountains and the miles and miles of forests might be some of the first things that you think of (that is, after you conjure up images of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Moose running around everywhere). But, when you actually visit the country, you realize that you should have let go of these clichés long back and come to Canada much earlier. The country offers everything that you could possibly dream of and then some more. Canada is also home to some of the most beautiful and delightful cities in the world. From the capital Ottawa to the multicultural Toronto to the picturesque Vancouver, there are a number of cities in Canada that are worth your while. Quebec City acts as a living museum which reminds you of medieval Europe, while Montreal takes you to France with its humongous French speaking population.


The best time to visit Canada is during the summer months. Well, you’re more than welcome in the winters as well, but expect to be greeted by temperatures that refuse to budge from the -20 mark. However, if you do manage to come during the winter months, you can expect the country to treat you with some of the most fascinating delights in the Quebec City Carnival, the biggest winter carnival in the world, and the Winterlude Celebrations in Ottawa. On the other hand, the summer months feature festivals like the Calgary Stampede. An impossible choice really. Its like deciding between between Titanic and Avatar, between Al Pachino and Marlon Brando.

Much like the United States of America, each territory in Canada has its own character and attractions. As a result, you can manage to enthrall yourself with the country’s French charms as well as enjoy the historical delights of Quebec, gawk at the Scottish flavor of Nova Scotia or indulge in breathtaking natural landscapes in British Columbia in the same trip. But, irrespective of what you choose, always expect the country to surprise you at every step with something new, something unique, something that completely transforms the way you look at Canada in the future.